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3051 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
3052 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
3053 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
3054 Per Larry Herrin:
Information from Carlton Thomas: "Doctor, (his name and not his occupation from what I understand...although my mother refered to him once or twice as a faith healer, evangelist, fiddler, and a square dance caller)." 
3055 Per Larry Herrin:
In Blount Co. Al. in 1850. Last four children per the 1870 Census. In DeKalb Co. Al. in 188 0. 
3056 Per Larry Herrin:
Inscriprion on tombstone reads," Rev. W.T. Windsor"> 
3057 Lived in St. Louis where she died in 1959. WINTE FLORA
3058 It is possible that Rosina is from the Witner family in Switzerland. WITNER Rosina
3059 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
3060 Mary was the widow of John Ernst Brink and mother of 2 - Anna Mary Louise Brink - b. April 25, 1859; d. July 8, 1860, and John Brink who after marriage lived in Clay Co., Illinois and d. about 1945. John P. and Mary Hoffman are buried in unmarked graves in the Greenwood cemetery, Nashville, Illinois on the lot with their oldest daughter Anna and her husband John L. Meyer and other members of this Meyer family.


Mrs. John P. Hoffman, nee Wulfman, died at Valley City, N. D., Friday, July 2, at the age of 83 years of senility. Deceased is survived by five sons, Henry of Valley City, N. D., with whom she made her home, Herman of DeForest, Wis., Ed of Steel, N. D., Fred of Rockford, Iowa, and John Brink, a son by her first marriage, of Bible Grove, Ill., three daughters, Mrs. John Meyer of St. Louis, Mrs. Mary Meyer of Belmont, Ill., Mrs. Wm. Witter of Rockum, S. D. Two children preceded her in death and her husband passed away six years ago at the age of 79 years. The departed formerly resided here. The body was brought to Nashville Monday evening and interment was made in Greenwood cemetery Tuesday, Rev. L. Duewel officiating. Mrs. Hoffman will be remembered by the older residents here.

As the widow of John Ernst Brink and the mother of two, she had married John Peter Hoffman.

Her son John lived in Clay Co., IL after marriage and d. about 1945. 
3061 Rev. Wulfmann was an Evangelical Minister, who had charges in Ohio, Carlyle and Breese, Illinois, Huntingburg and Newburgh, Indiana..
3062 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
3063 Lydia became very depressed and finally committed suicide by drowing herself in the cistern. WOODHEAD LYDIA
3064 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
3065 Per Larry Herrin:
Death certif. shows cause of death as carcinoma metastases, generalized. 
3066 Huntington, Virginia. WULFMANN ARMIN E.
3067 Honey Grove, Texas WULFMANN DANIEL
3068 Evangelical Minister, St. Clemens, Michigan. WULFMANN JACOB
3069 Huntingburgh, Indiana. WULFMANN SAMUEL H.
3070 Newburgh, Indiana. WULFMANN SELMA
3071 Per Larry Herrin:

!DESCENDANTS: Letter from Mary R. Herron to Larry Herrin dated Sept 30, 1992. 
3073 Johann Jacob Joachim (Yocum) son of Michael Joachim and Anna Maria, was born in Herxheim, Germany circa 1733 and died 1822 in Catawissa, Columbia County, Pennsylvania. He married Maria Christina Mulhaus, daughter of Peter Mulhaus on December 30th 1755 in Lutheran Church, Trappe, Montgomery County Pennsylvania. Jacob and Maria's first three children were baptized at Augustus Lutheran church, 1756-1760. Their names appear in the records of Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Pottstown, Pennsylvania in 1770, when their son Jacob was baptized and again in 1782 and 1783 when grandchildren were baptized. A 1785 record shows Jacob Yocum, wheelwright, owner of 235 acres,3 horses, and 3 cows residing in Union Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. The 1790 census for Union Township lists Jacob as head of household consisting of 3 males over 16 years of age, 2 mailes under 16 years of age and one female. In 1796 Jacob appears in the first known records of the German Lutheran congregation in Catawissa township, Northumberland County (now Columbia). He continued to appear in the 1800 - 1820 Census records as a resident of Catawissa township. Jacob Yocum's will was written in German January 24th, 1822 and was probated on November lst, 1822 in Columbia County, Pennsylvania. His will was translated for recording in the Will Books of Columbia County at Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. There are no known birth or death dates for Jacob and his wife Maria Christina. Their place of burial is assumed to be in the old section of the Union Cemetery, Catawissa Township, Pennsylvania. Jacob Yocum and his wife Maria Christina Mulhaus had the following children shown on their family page who are mentioned in his will.
By Chuck Ebert 
3074 YOCUM Michael
3075 A newspaper called THE THURSDAY ADVERTISER, April 14, 1983 on page 3B printed the following article.


Aurora - A southwest Missouri town, Lakeview, is inviting members of the Yocum family to a rendezvous June 10-11, and according to Leroy Armstrong of Aurora there are many in this area who are eligible to attend.

"There are in and around Aurora that are direct descendents of the first Yocums to settle in what is now Stone County," Armstrong said. A few of the family names are: Atkisson, Armstrong, Dummit, Robbins, Kenyon, Williams, Payne, McAnnaly, Lemaster and McKinley.

Armstrong urged members of these families to "gather up your notepads, tape recorder, old family pictures and did up all the family history you can and come to the rendezvous.

This is a unique event and here is a press release explaining the background:

"Whether the name is apelled Yokum, Yocum, Yoachum or Joachim, the Southwest Missouri town of Lakeview, in cooperation with the Indian Point Chamber of Commerce and the Kimberling City Table Rock Lake Area Chamber of Commerce invites members of the Yocum Family and their relatives to attend the Yocum Family Reunion. Every single Yocum in the world from Who's Who to Who's Not is invited to pack vacation bags and head for Southwest Missouri. It is estimated that at least 500,000 people qualify.

"Lakeview, Missouri, is a small village in Stone County, located near Table Rock Lake and three miles west of Silver Dollar City, the Ozarks version of Disney World.

"The first white man to settle in Stone County was one James Yoachum. He and other members of the Yoachum family built log cabins in the early 1800's and lived here in what is now the town of Lakeview.

"What is even more interesting and intriguing about this story is that these Yoachums had a silver mine and made their own money, the Yocum Silver Dollar.

"A recent find of 7 of these Yocum coins in a cave near Branson, Missouri, has excited the interest of many Southwest Missourians. One of these coins will be on display at the Yocum Family Rendezvous. Learn how the Yoachums were able to keep the secret of the mine location.

"All Yocum descendants are to be honored guests at the Grand Opening of the Lost Silver Mine Outdoor Drama. This is a historic re-enactment about the Yoachums, the first white men who came into Ozark Mountain Country. These courageous pioneers came here about 1800 and carved a place to live in the wilderness and a place in the pages of history forever. The Yocum Silver Mine Story, to be seen played out under the stars, is a dramatization of the book, "Traces of Silver," a history of the early 1800's in Ozark Mountain Country.

"The Family Rendezvous date is June 10-11. The area's motels, restaurants and crafts shops will be offering special discounts to all Yocums. Registration to be in Silver Square at the north edge of Lakeview across from the Lost Silver Mine Farm.

Here at the Farm, pioneers harvested the timber to build their cabins and then later to sell as railroad ties. Cattle and deer still graze along the mountain tops as they have for generations. At the Farm you can ride a horse along the former Indian trails or pet a Missouri mule.

Address all inquiries to the Indian Point Chamber of Commerce, Route 1, Box 997
Branson, Missouri 65616, or to the Kimberling City Table Rock Lake Chamber of Commerce, Box 1, Kimberling City, Missouri 65686.

Write about book to : Artie Ayres telephone 1-292-8100 Lakeview, MO; address R. R. 4, 67B, Reed Springs, MO 65737

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Lost Silver Mine, P. O. Box 2057, Lakeview, MO 65737; 417-272-8100


Thank you for writing about the Yocum Family Rendezvous held in Lakeview, MO. In 1983 there were 225 Yocum Family descendants present and over 150 in 1984. All enjoyed the fellowship and sharing of information on their descendanats. Many have indicated they will be returning next year. They came from Tennessee, Oregon, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, Louisiana, California, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Texas.

On Saturday night of the reunion, Yocum family members attended the LOST SILVER MINE OUTDOOR DRAMA. This drama is based on the Yocum family who were the first white settlers in this area during the 1800's. They obtained a silver mine and minted the Yoachum Silver Dolar which was dated 1822. If you are ever in this area, stop by to say hello and look at some of the information we have on display in the Welcome Center. There are 81 different spellings of Yocum, Yoakum, Yocam, Yokem, Yochuj, Yokum, Yoachum, etc. so you are probably descended from this family.

The Lost Silver Mine Outdoor Drama is located at the Junction of Highways 76 and 13, Lakeview, Missouri, just three miles west of Silver Dollar City. You can stop by the Welcome and Ticket Center to purchase tickets or call 417-272-8100 to make your reservations. The drama will be open June 11 through October 26, 1985.

The Yocum Family Rendezvous will be held on June 21, 22 and 23, 1985. You name will be placed on our list to send information about the Third Annual Rendezvous in 1985. We hope you will be able to join us at that time. 1985 will be bigger and better than ever before. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop us a line at any time.


Carole Young
Office Administrator

Enclosure (Brochure on "The Lost Silver Mine")

The book, TRACES OF SILVER, written by Artie Ayres, is available from this office for $8.75. the outdoor drama is adapted from this book and tells the story of the Yocums in the 1800's.

Copied by Mrs. Loren Roden (cont. from Vol. 8, No. 2)

Yates, C. P. (u.a.)Watren, Nancy E. 1 Dec.1894 W.F.McCullah, Min.
Yates, James R.Mathes, Mary L. 3 Sept.1882 James A. Beshears,Min.
Yates, Wm. (u.a.)Pitts, Beddie A.(u.a.)26 Sept. 1886 J. Johnson, Min.
Yocum, B.F.Kennedy, Delia M. 1 Mar.1893 E.W.Jewitt, JP
Yoachum, Francis Marion
Butler, Martha Frances28 June1863 Thomas M.Cox, JP
Yoachum, Henry T.(u.a.)
Hammer, Winnie E. (u.a.)16 July11900
Yoachum, JacobGalloway, Elizabeth28 June1860 James McGeehee
Yoachum, JacobGarrison, Sarah J.27 Feb.1882 J.F. Seaman, Clerk
Yoachum, JacobGanson, Sarah J. 5 Mar.1882 C.W.Warren, JP
Yochum, JessePlumer, Elizabeth 6 Jan.1861 John Voles, JP
Yochum, JohnGorman, Ellie28 Oct.1895 W.Belt, Min.
Yochum, JohnPitts, Matilda 1 Jan.1852 Jeremiah Oxburn, JP
Yochum, MartinDavis, Sarah W. 8 Jan.1891 M.B.Coin, JP
Yochum, M.B.Wilson, Mary A.13 Sept.1891 Volentine Lassiter, Min.
Yochum, MichaelWatson, Mary24 May1856 Charles Byrd, JP
Yochum, WilliamClifton, Malinda15 Oct. 1875 David Leonard, JP
Young, Pleassant M.(21)
Grissom, Jane B. (17)25 Nov.1878 R. L.Bedingfield, Min.
Youngblood, Jacob Dotson, Delaine27 Oct.1865 John H. Stone, JP

3076 Per Larry Herrin:
1 NAME Enoch /York/
2 SOUR S18033
4 TEXT Date of Import: Apr 9, 2000
2 SOUR S23832
4 TEXT Date of Import: May 1, 2000 
3077 Occupation:Administrative Secretary.
Children:Three by first marriage: Susan, b. 1976; Teresa, b. 1980; David, b. 1989. 
3078 Per Larry Herrin:
!BIRTH: 1991 Morman Ancestral Files on CD-ROM.

!RESIDENCE: Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

!LINEAGE: "Texas Society DAR Roster of Revolutionary Ancestors".

!RESIDENCE: Came to Jonesboro, Shanandoah Valley, TN in 1785. Lived at one
time in Rockbridge Co., VA, home of her father, Robert Young.

!DEATH: "In the Shadow of the Smokies", page 680, Smoky Mountain Historical
Society, Sevierville, TN.

John and Margaret Gilliland were the parents of Samuel Wear's second wife.
(Mary, born ca 1779), hence Elizabeth died before 1779 if the birth record
of Mary is correct. 
3079 Death date provided by Kirstyn M. Bury and entered 12/20/01. ZACHEIS ELLA MARY JOSEPHINE
3080 Family came from Germany. ZIEGLER CAROLINE
3081 Notes from Bill Sealover (Sept. 1999):
My great grandfather was born in Walkers Creek, Virginia with his children being born in Bells Valley, Rockbridge County, Virginia. At some point in time they moved to Craigsville, Virginia. His name was Sylvester Zimbro b.October 1854 m.February 21, 1883 to Lucy Cica Thompson. He was a brick mason and farmer. I have been tracking down the Zimbros and have come across the information on George Solomon with his children born in Craigsville, Virginia. Perhaps his father and my great-grandfather were brothers. I still have relatives in Virginia and since George died in 1947 in Craigsville, they should have known him. Craigsville is a very small town with my relatives buried at Lebanon Presbyterian Church located outside of Craigsville. There is a cemetery in Craigsville though but I at the present, I do not know of any Zimbros buried there. The 1900 census shown my great-grandfather in Walkers Creek District in Rockbridge County, 1910 in Augusta County where Craigsville is located. George and Minnie are in the 1910 census for Augusta County also. Hopefully you can provide some additional information. I have lots of Zimbo's but have not been able to connect them yet to my great-grandfather.

"Bill Sealover"

3082 Baptized March 1, 1840 Bergkirchen. ZIMMERMANN FRIEDRICH ERNST HEINRICH

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