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Welcome to our genealogical site. This site is the continuation of the work that my mother, Wanda Lee (Brink) Gines spent 30+ years working on. The core research of the site revolves around her family which migrated to the United States in the middle of the 1800s. When she married her husband she started researching the Gines (Geines) lineage as well.

Through her research she was able to add 30,000+ names to our database. I have since placed is on-line and am in the process of trying to document much of what she had put together. In many cases her data was from relatives but she never collected supporting documentation. We already have over 300 photos, documents, histories and links to electronic versions of books. Obviously, we have a long way to go.

In more recent years I have started the process of documenting my wife's lineage as well. I am doing this so that my children will have a decent understanding of that side of their family roots as well.

Our research has been far and wide enough that we have found connections to Hans Landis who was one of the early founders of the Annabaptist movement, connections with Daniel Boones' family, early evangelists in the Nazarene church as well as connections with French-Canadians, the Louisiana Purchase and minor political figures. Look around and enjoy. If you are related to anyone on this site, pelase drop us a line and let us know. ... or better yet help us add to the information here so that others can share in what we have here.

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email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.



The following will hold specific information on some of our ancestors.