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Decenents of Antoine Desroser by Janet Manseau, excerp by Janet Manseau

Decenents of Antoine Desroser by Janet Manseau, excerp
by Janet Manseau

Decenents of Antoine Desroser by Janet Manseau, excerp

by Janet Manseau

Descendants of Antoine Desrosier

Generation No. 1       

1. Antoine 1 Desrosier was born about 1590 in France. He married Sylvie. She was born about 1590 in France.       Child of Antoine Desrosier and Sylvie is:+       

2       i.        Antoine 2  Desrosiers, born 14 Apr 1617 in Renaison dans la Forest, Lyonnais, France; died 08 Aug 1691 in Champlain, QC.

Generation No. 2       

2. Antoine 2  Desrosiers (Antoine1 Desrosier) was born 14 Apr 1617 in Renaison dans la Forest, Lyonnais, France, and died 08 Aug 1691 in Champlain, QC. He married Anne Leneuf 24 Nov 1647 in Unknown, QC (( Bonjonnier (cite ct 15 Aug 1691, Ameau in Trois Rivière)), daughter of Michel Leneuf and Unknown. She was born about 1632 in Thierry, Caen, Normandie, France, and died 16 Oct 1711 in Champlain, QC. 

Notes for Antoine Desrosiers: This Pioneer arrived in New France at least by 1641. The first record of his presence in the new world was on Jul 10,1642, he was the godfather of an "Indian" (Amerindian) child in Sillery. The next time that he is mentioned was in 1645. He was employed by the Jesuits at Trois Rivières for a hundred livres (pounds) a year. This would have been worth about $1,425 in the USA in the year 2000. Antoine was a master carpenter. He was an active and practical man, therefor as a settler and a master carpenter he situated himself in Trois Rivières, an area that was to be envied. At first he rented land, then on 28 Oct 1649, the governor of Allebout granted him 20 arpents of land outside of the town St. Maurice. One arpent is equal to about one and a half English acres of land. On this plot he built a house and a small stable. This Trios Riviere land was inside of the fortification built to protect the colonist. He raised his family here and sold the property 17 years later to Michel Godefroy, who in turn give it to his daughter, Marguerite-Thérèse in 1691 as dowry when she contracted to marry Jacques Hertel de Cournoyer, son of François Hertel. Also in 1649, he and two others were commissioned by Pierre Boucher to supply and deliver 500 stakes, 11 foot long, to the fort. Governor Pierre Boucher, son of Gaspard Boucher, wanted to protect the citizens of this small settlement from the Indian attacks. This fort was commanded by Jacques Leneuf, the uncle of Antoine's wife, Anne Leneuf. Then in 1657 Antoine received another 10 arpents of land from the governor Pierre Boucher. The town of Pointe du Lac started on this acreage. Here he was the neighbor of Pierre LeFebvre.The danger of Indian attacks was always present in these early settlements. On May 26, 1659 Antoine was captured by the Onondagas at Lac St. Pierre along with two companions. One of them was tortured and put to death by fire. Antoine was rescued near Lake Ontario eleven weeks later. Trois Rivières was a fur trading village. Four of his sons were involved in the commerce of fur-trading. As was the custom in those days, each of the boys took a unique "dit" name. This alias name distinguished their individual families. These boys all married into families of the fur trade. Antoine received a passport in 1689 to trade in the west. In this case "the west" most likely went no further than the Great Lakes. The French government issued passports (permits), a form of license, to control the fur trade and collect taxes. These passports were difficult to acquire. For many years only 25 were issued. To conduct fur trading or to travel west without a passport was considered illegal and subject to punishment, most often fines and the confiscation of furs. In 1664, Antoine was granted land by Quentin Moral at l'Arbre a la Croix, at Cap de la Madeleine. He is in the 1666 Trois Rivières census with his family. In 1667 he has 15 arpents under cultivation. In 1668, he and G. Larue undertook the construction of a windmill for the Jesuits at the Pointe of St. Eloy. From 1669 till he died in 1691, he was fiscal manager, trustee and judge of the new fief of Champlain. 

Notes for Anne Leneuf: This young Pioneer was about four years old when she arrived in New France with her father and other family members in June of 1636. Her mother is unknown. The marriage contract between Antoine DesRosiers and Anne duHérisson on 24 Nov 1647, was witnessed by her father, Michel LeNeuf, squire of Hérisson, Jaques LeNeuf de la Poterie, her uncle, Jacques Hertel, Gaspard Boucher, Pierre Boucher and Pierre LeFebvre among others. Twelve signatures, in all, plus two marks by citizens unable to sign. The marriage however did not take place till 1649 in Trois Rivières when Ann was 17 and Antoine was 32. The contract listed these items that her father promised this couple upon their marriage: 500 pounds silver, two good dresses, with those that she already had, a mattress and bolster, two coverlets, a dozen sheets, six tablecloths, three dozen napkins (towels), a dozen plates, a dozen dishes and a pot (all of pewter), one pregnant heifer and finally one pregnant sow.         

Children of Antoine Desrosiers and Anne Leneuf are: +       

3       i.        Marie3 Desrosiers, born 16 Jun 1650 in Trois Rivières, St. Maurice, QC; died 28 Nov 1722 in Champlain, QC.       

 4       ii.        Michel Desrosiers-dit-Desilets, born 03 Sep 1652 in Trois Rivières, St. Maurice, QC; died 11 Feb 1734 in Champlain, QC. He married Marie Harteau-dit-Latour, (Pierre & L. Sauvage) 14 Jan 1679 in Unknown, QC; born about 1666 in Champlain, Champlain, QC.        

5       iii.        Joseph Desrosiers-dit-Dutremble, born 29 Jul 1655 in Trois Rivières, St. Maurice, QC; died Bef. 1666 in Trois Rivières. QC. +       

6       iv.        Jean-Baptiste Desrosiers-dit-Dutremble, born 29 Sep 1657 in Trois Rivières, St. Maurice, QC; died 23 Feb 1704 in Champlain, QC.+       

7       v.        Marie-Anne Desrosiers, born 12 Nov 1661 in Trois Rivières, St. Maurice, QC; died 23 Feb 1731 in Champlain, QC.        

8       vi.        Antoine Desrosiers-dit-LaFresniere, born 30 Aug 1664 in Trois Rivières, St. Maurice, QC. He married Marie-Renee Lepelle-dit-Desmarais 26 Nov 1696 in Champlain, QC; born about 1678 in Trois Rivières, St. Maurice, QC. Notes for Antoine Desrosiers-dit-LaFresniere: He was engage Ouest on 29 Aug 1689 and an officer in the militia in 1731. +       

9       vii.        Pierre Desrosiers, born about 1667 in Trois Rivières, St. Maurice, QC; died Bef. 1723 in Unknown, QC.        

10       viii.        Marie-Jeanne Desrosiers, born about 1672 in Unknown, QC. She married Claude Drouet, Sieur de Richardville 18 Mar 1687 in Champlain, QC; born 17 Oct 1655 in St. Germain de Dourdan, Orleanais, France. Notes for Jean-Baptiste Desrosiers-dit-Dutremble: Jean and his brother Antoine were members of an association created in 1683 between nine men from Champlain for the purpose of fur trading. The composition of these associates is noteworthy in that it concentrated the power of three influential families in the region: Dandonneau-dit-Lajeunesse (Huguenot fur trading merchants), Chorel and Aubuchon. Jean's wife was Francoise Dandonneau-dit-Lajeunesse. This association dissolved after the summer of 1688 when Jacques Babie, merchant and principle investor, died. 

Notes for Francoise-Marie-Perrine Dandonneau-dit-Laje: She had no children in her second marriage.         

Children of Jean-Baptiste Desrosiers-dit-Dutremble and Francoise-Marie-Perrine Dandonneau-dit-Laje are:        

21       i.        Jean-Baptiste4 Desrosiers-dit-Dutremble, born 23 Oct 1682 in Champlain, QC; died 03 Apr 1719 in Montréal, QC. He married Marie-Barbe Bousquet, (Jean & Catherine Fourrier 17 Nov 1709 in Montréal, QC; born 07 Feb 1684 in Île St. Therese, QC; died 21 Jul 1767 in Montréal, QC.        

22       ii.        Michel Desrosiers-dit-Dutremble, born 24 Mar 1685 in Champlain, QC. He married Jeanne-Marie-Anne Moreau 28 May 1716 in Rimouski, QC; born 16 Feb 1699 in Beauport, QC; died Nov 1755 in Rimouski, QC.        

23       iii.        Joseph-Marie Desrosiers-dit-Dutremble, born 12 Mar 1687 in Champlain, QC. Notes for Joseph-Marie Desrosiers-dit-Dutremble: He was engage Ouest (signed contracts to work out west) on 25 Sep 1710, 30 Apr 1725 and 30 Apr 1726.

Date19 Jun 2014
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