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201 Three Boone brothers Jacob, thomas and Ovid built their boat on the Monogahela River and came down the Ohio River in the spring of 1786, arriving at Limestone (Maysville), Kentucky on May 11th, 1786.
Per Catherine Yocum 
202 Three Boone brothers Jacob, thomas and Ovid built their boat on the Monogahela River and came down the Ohio River in the spring of 1786, arriving at Limestone (Maysville), Kentucky on May 11th, 1786. Catherine and Ovid's children settled later in Indiana.
Per Catherine Yocum 
203 Baptism for Squire was December 25, 1696, in St. Disen Church, Bradnich, Devonshire, England.
Burial in Joppa Demetery, Rowan Co., N. C.
Immigration: 1716, in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.
Occupation: farmer-polit. 
204 Three Boone brothers Jacob, thomas and Ovid built their boat on the Monogahela River and came down the Ohio River in the spring of 1786, arriving at Limestone (Maysville), Kentucky on May 11th, 1786.
Per Catherine Yocum 
205 In 1972 was still living in a Lutheran Home in Anaheim, California at age of 100. No Children. BOUCHER EMMA GERSTKEMPER
206 Per Larry Herrin:
!LINEAGE: "Texas Society Daughters of the American Revolution Ancestors Index".
Vol. I A-C, (1976), page 417.

Charlton, James, born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on June 3, 1752, died in
Montgomery County, Virginia on February 14, 1825. Married (1) Abigail Bowles in
1776 at Montgomery County. Married (2) Hannah Seigler on March 1, 1821 in
Montgomery County, born about 1806 and died in 1827 in Montgomery County.
Service: Battle of Point Pleasant, Virginia.
Children: By first wife:
1. Nancy, born October 2, 1778, married Joseph Thompson
2. Rhoda, born November 11, 1780, married William Currin.
3. James, Jr., born March 11, 1783, never married.
4. Matilda, born February 16, 1785, married Dr. Joseph Miller.
5. Lucinda, born October 9, 1787, married Cyrus L. Robinson.
6. John Lynch, born March 16, 1790, married Christian Currin.
7. William Bowles, born March 18, 1792, married Malinda Jane Ingles.
8. Parmelia, born January 9, 1795, never married.
9. Juliett, born July 15, 1797, married William Saunders.
By Second wife:
10. Charles Wellington, born June 3, 1822, married Elizabeth Churchill
11. Elizabeth Ann, born September 24, 1823, married Robert McCrum Woolwine.
Members: Ruth Dowell Woolwine Edwards, No. 546452.

!MILITARY: Kegley, M. B. (1974). "Soldiers of Fincastle County Virginia 1774",
page 51.

James Charlton 5 days pd. 0 pds 7s 6d Capt. Hugh Crockett's Company.

NOTES: Summers, L. P. (1929). "Annals of Southwest Virginia 1769-1800". Lewis
Preston Summers Pub: Abington, VA.

p.753, At a Court Cond. and held for Montgomery County May the 2nd 1781.
"Ordered that Wm. Evans & John Evans orphans of Thomas Evans dec'd be bound by
the overseers of the poor as soon as they are appd. untill they come of age to
James Charlton the sd. Charlton is to learn the sd. orphans the Trades or
occupations of shoemaking and coopering and to Educate them to read and write &
cypher as far as the single rule of three."

p. 838, Apr 3, 1793 Montgomery County.
"The viewers appointed to view the ground proposed for a road to the courthouse
to the top of the Pilate Mountain report that a good road may be had & it is
ordered that Stephen Jett be appointed overseer of the said road & that James
Craig, James Charlton & Wm. Davidson allot the hands to work on said road."

p.842, Nov. 6, 1793 Montgomery Co.
"James Charlton took oath of a Justice of the Peace."

p.849, Sep. 4, 1793 Montgomery Co.
"James Charlton, John Hough and James Rigburn recommended to be added to the
Commission of the Peace."

p.862, Jan. 5, 1796 Montgomery Co.
"James Charlton & Francis Gardner same in Ingles' Compy."

p.846, Apr. 3, 1793 Montgomery Co.
"The persons appointed to view the ground as a road from the courthouse to the
top of the Pilate Mountain report that a good way may be had. And it is ordered
that Stephen Jett be appointed overseer of the said Road and that James Craig,
James Charlton, and William Davidson do allot the hands to labor under said

p. 796,At a court of Oyer and Terminer held for Montgomery County the 3rd. day
of September, 1785.
"Ordered that James Charlton be appointed overseer of the raod from the seven
mile Tree to Inglis' Ferry in the room of Byrd Smith & that Byrd Smith deliver
him the list Tithables that usually work thereon & that he with the same keep
it in repair." 
207 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
208 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
209 Lived in Caldwell, Idaho, per Narratives of Randolph County, Sparta Public Library, Sparta, Illinois. BOYD CLYDE RICHARD
210 Elmer traveled many years for a cosmetic company and retired in 1957 per Narratives of Randolph County, Sparta Public Library, Sparta, Illinois. BOYD ELMER AULD
211 Frank farmed in Iowa and then retired in Oakdale, Illinois and made their home there. Per Narratives of Randolph County, Sparta Public Library, Sparta, Illinois. BOYD FRANK
212 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
213 James helped his parents and taught school, then married and farmed, then retired to Coulterville, Illinois. Per Narratives of Randolph County, Sparta Public Library, Sparta, Illinois. BOYD JAMES OLIVER
214 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
215 Per Narratives of Randolph County, Sparta Public Library, Sparta, Illinois, he was a barber. BOYD RALPH GLEN
216 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
217 Per Larry Herrin:
Graduate, Maryville State Teacher's College (now Northwest Mo. State
University), Maryville, Mo. Furniture stores in Joplin, Mo. and Springdale,
Ark. Manager of carpet dept., Montgomery-Ward, Little Rock, Ark., at time of
death from myocardial infarct. 
218 Adam John Boyle was born in County Antrim, Ireland in 1793, died in Ill. 4/30/1853. He married Margaret Wallace who was born in County Derry, Ireland 1/15/1795, died in Ill. 9/22/1855.

They were married in Ireland, were well-to-do Irish -- frugal and economical. They came to America in the early 1840's. They had 6 sons which came along. John Boyle, William Boyle, James Boyle, Thomas Boyle, Thompson Boyle, Adam Boyle. Adam Boyle and Margaret Wallace Boyle are buried in Hill Prairie Cemetery N. W. of Sparta.

John Boyle, born County Antrim, Ireland in 1823, died 3/17/1911 at his farm home near Oakdale, Ill. He married 3/1/1855 Nancy Elizabeth Walker, born 6/20/1833, died 3/16/1919. She was born in S. Carolina. She was daughter of William and Sarah Marshall Walker. Nancy Elizabeth came with her parents at the age of 3 to Illinois. There were 3 sisters and 2 brothers who came along. After John Boyle and Nancy E. Walker were married they settled on a farm 1 mile south of Oakdale, Illinois.

Their 9 children were born there, 4 of them dying in infancy.

John Boyle had learned the shoemaker trade in Ireland and worked some at it as well as farming.

The family moved to Clay Center, kansas in 1885, where they lived for 12 years, then returned to their farm near Oakdale.

Margaret Wallace Boyle, oldest child, was born 4/20/1857, died 11/4/1914, married 3/6/1895 to Robert Piper II born 2/15/1847, died 6/27/1927. They had 1 daughter.

Elisabeth Jane Piper, born 1/30/1896, married 3/21/1917 Ward James Auld, born 12/21/1894, died 9/1/1955. Their families names were in Robert Piper history. It was through Sarah Marshall Walker family line that there was Revolutionary War service.

By Mrs. Jane Auld

219 Presumably in the early 1850's, Adam Boyle (1793), son of John and Jennie (Templeton) Boyle, and his wife Margaret (1795), daughter of William and Nancy Wallace, came to America from northern Ireland with their six sons, James, John, Thomas, Thompson, Adam, and William. They settled in Randolph County, and the parents were dead by late 1855 and are buried in the Hill Prairie Cemetery. James, Jon, Thomas, and Adam Boyle moved to Washington County, south of Oakdale by about 1861.

Thomas born in 1831 in Ireland, returned to marry in 1856, Margaret Boyd (1833), dughter of William and Elizabeth (Chestnut) Boyd. Their wedding trip was to Illinois, Randolph County, where they lived until 1861. Their children were Margaret Isabell (1857), married to William Fulton; William John (1859), married in 1883 to Margaret Parks, born in Ireland, daughter of James and Jane (Leemon) Parks; Elizabeth (1861); Thompson (1863), married to Rena Green; Anna Boyd (1865); Jane Stelle (1867); Hester (Hessie) (1870), married to William Ardrey, and Matilda (1873).

Anna and Matilda (Tillie) were Washington County school teachers for many years. Margaret Boyle Fulton and William John lived and reared their families around Oakdale. Ann, Tillie, and Jane lived with the parents until their deaths and then in Oakdale. Thompson moved to northern Illinois, while Hessie boyle Ardrey went to Denver, Colorado.

William (Billy) and Margaret (Maggie) Boyle reared five out of six children. The eledest, Anna Pearl (1884-1963), married (Cleon) Frost. Into this home were born Veron, Clair,Cleona, Jack, Dee, and Margery. Jack is a doctor and surgeon, practicing in Centralia. Veron, retired, formerly operated Travel Electric, also in Centralia.

Thomas Parks Boyle (1886) married Vivian Gohmer. They had one son, Duane. Tom, Vivian, and their family live in Iowa's cornbelt.

Rae James and Ruby were born twins (1890), but Ruby died that same summer. Rae married, in 1916, Florence Blanch Boner (1890), daughter of John Smith and Lucy Williams Boner. Rae spent his working years farming the property which had once been his grandfather's. Their children were Nelda and Pearl. Nelda married Warren Robb and lives in Perry County. She was for 30 years an elementary school teacher. Pearl married Charles Auld, and they live near Pearl's birthplace, farming the acreage which once belonged to her great-grandfather. Here in Oakdale Township they reared their family.

William Pressley Boyle (1892) married Lola Chenowith. To this union were born Robert, John, Bruce, and Phillip Boyle. Willard Boyle was an educator, and at the time of his death, was Superintendent of Schools in Tomahawk, Wisconsin.

Clifford Leslie Boyle married Mildred Fenon. Most of his adult life he lived in the Chicago and northern Indiana area. His hobby was gardening, and he produced several new strains of dahlias, naming one for his mother. Their two children were William, deceased, and Edna Lea.

By Nelda E. Robb

220 BOYLES Ann
221 After the death of her husband, Ruth worked as a beautician in Clayton, Mo. BRACKNEY RUTH
222 Health: Developed MS and has been confined to a wheel chair since 1970. BRAMMEIER BEN
223 Ernst settled in St. Louis and then moved to Little Prairie, Washington County, Plum Hill Twp., Illinois.
Emigration: Between 1856 - 1857, came to USA and lived in St. Louis then moved to the 28th Section of the Plum Hill Twp. After his death the land went to Heinrich Johann, grandfather of Ann Brammeier Spevor.
Original cabin was replaced with a new house in 1883. 
224 Farms: The original land bought by Ernst Freiderick Brammeier, my ggrandfather.
Occupation: Engaged in farming and dairy cattle. 
225 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
226 Christening: Eisenstadt, Weden, Westphalia, Germany.
Lived: Little Prairie in the 28th Section of Plum Hill Twp.
Occupation: First worked as a thresherman in season adn operated a saw mill in the fall and winter.
Retired: 1910 and built the house in Addieville, Washington Co., Illinois. 
227 Education: Church school at Cordes (Nashville Little Prairie). BRAMMEIER HENRY
228 Information on Descendants of Joann Friedrick Wilhelm brammeier were provided by Ann Brammeier Spevor, 9825 Tiffany Square Pkwy., St. Louis, Mo 63123-6267. BRAMMEIER JOANN FRIEDRICK WILHELM
229 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
230 Occupation: Farmer BRAMMEIER LOUIS
231 Farms: 1910, took over the farm at Little Prairie when Grandpa Brammeier retired and moved to Addieville, Washington Co., Illinois. Louie was then 23 years old. BRAMMEIER LOUIS (LOUIE)
232 Lived: Oakdale, Illinois
Baptism: May 22, 1892, St. Johns Evangelical Church, Cordes, Illinois.
Birth Record: Clerk who filed birth record was Walter F. Klingenberg on July 10, 1941 
233 Cremation: Ashes rest with Ann Brammeier Spavor, his daughter. He was the most wonderful daddy in this or any world. I miss him very much. BRAMMEIER OTTO WILLIAM HENRY
234 Celebrated their 50th wedding anniv. on Aug. 24, 1975 with an open house in the Grace Methodist Church Fellowship room. - from the Nashville News, Aug. 14, 1975, sec. I, p.1. BRANDT TRUMAN L.
235 Per Larry Herrin:
Obituary appeared in the Chattanooga Times on Friday, Feb. 15, 1935. It reads as follows:
" Mrs. Emma Day 89, died at her home 3606 Williams Street at 3:50 o'clock, Thursday morni ng. She is survived by one daughter, Nancy Day; one son, O.V. Smith, Chattanooga, one sister , Mrs. Eva Clark of Valley Head, Al., eleven grandchildren, also twenty great grandchildren.
Funeral services will be held from the residence 3606 Williams Street at 7:00 o'clock to night with Rev. Paul Buchanan officiating. Interment New Hope Cemetery Saturday. Arrangment s in charge Smith Funeral Service, Inc." 
236 Per Larry Herrin:
This obituary appeared in the Ft. Payne Journal on Wed. July 4, 1945.

"Chester Bray Killed By Train"

"Chester Bray, about 35, an employ of the Dyer Lumber Company, Trenton, Georgia, was fatally injured Thursday morning, June 21, at 8 o'clock, when a fast A.G.S. railway freight train struck his automobile at the street crossing near the Church of God, two blocks east of the courthouse.
Bray was enroute to the Dyer Lumber Company planing mill where he was employed, and when he reached the railway crossing he evidently did not see or hear the fast approaching south bound freight train, for he drove his car upon the track immediately in front of the engine, and had no time to stop or escape before he was struck. The auto which Bray was driving was literally torn to scraps, the engine being hurled across the street some forty or 50 feet a way.
Bray suffered a severe injury of the head, both legs appeared to be broken, and he evidently suffered from internal injuries as well.
An ambulance from Chattanooga was called and made a record run to Trenton, and rushed the injured man to Newell's Sanitarium, where he died an hour after his arrival.
Bray came to Trenton from Valley Head, Ala., some months ago, and secured a position with the Dyer Lumber Company as fireman, and has been regularly employed since his arrival here.
He is survived bY his wife and other relatives who reside in Valley Head, -Dade County Times" 
237 Per Larry Herrin:
James Thomas Bray: Occupation: Farmer
Blue-eyed and tempermental

Birth years for these family members were calculated from the 1880 census

June 11, 1880 - Dekalb County Census Household #66 ; Family #67 Township 5 Range 9th Bea t # 19
District 1
# 66/67 BRAY, Thomas w m 28 Farmer AL TN SC
Mary w f 28 Keeping House GA KY TN
Randolph w m 5 son AL AL GA
Joseph w m 3 son AL AL GA
Parley I. w f 2 daughter AL AL GA

Note: Shadrach Bray was household # 62 & family # 63
John Bray was household # 59 and family # 60
Elisha Clark & Tabitha White Clark (sister to Hanah White Bray) was household # 4 2 and family # 43

This family appeared on the 1900 Census in Jackson County Alabama, and on the 1910 Census i n Lonoke, Arkansas 
238 Per Larry Herrin:
On the 1870 DeKalb County Federal Census, John was not listed in his household. He was show n with family # 97, Richard Davis "on farm". Matilda was listed as family # 106, so therefore , I believe he was just away at work, as he turns up in the house with Matilda in other censu s reports, and they had other children.

The 1880 DeKalb County Census taken on June 11
Page 18, District 1 Township 5 Range 9th Beat 19

#59/60 BRAY, John w m 40 Farmer AL TN SC
Matilda w f 40 wife Keeping House GA SC SC
Calvin w m son 14 On farm IND AL SC
John w m son 12 AL AL GA
Elizabeth w f 10 daughter AL AL GA
Mary w f 8 daughter AL AL GA
Sarah w f 6 daughter AL AL GA
Tera A. w f 3 daughter AL AL GA
Nancy w f 1 daughter AL AL GA 
239 Per Larry Herrin:
John Allen, Eli Walker and Squire Bray were named as minors in the estate papers of John Bra y after his death in 1839.
On the 1850 Cherokee County, Alabama Federal Census, John is listed being age 28; with wif e Nancy, who was 22 years old. His occupation was listed as "farmer". 
240 Per Larry Herrin:
"Uncle John" was a "traveling salesman". He sold "Stuchberry Products". All his nieces and nephews loved to see him coming because he had a suit case loaded with goodies. He always had little gifts for them, such as combs, mirrors, bobbypins, etc. He would open up his stach of goods and let them all prowl in it. The family enjoyed visiting Uncle John and Aunt Mary, as she was a wonderful cook. They raised their own chickens and would kill and pluck them for the Downer family because they just couldn't bring themselves to do it and eat them too!

Marriage recorded in Book F-page 240 Dekalb Co. Al. Marriages
As of June 2000, the graves of John and Mary have not been 
241 Per Larry Herrin:
The children listed came from a 1920 DeKalb Co. Al. census with the exception of Mary .
Lawson went by the name Lawson Taylor Bray. 
242 Per Larry Herrin:
!BURIAL: Clay Hill Cemetery

Mary Herrin Feb 22 1879 Mar 23 1967 w/o Andy 
243 Per Larry Herrin:
On a 1870 DeKalb Co. Al. census with a "Rawlingsville P.O. " , Paulina is shown being the he ad of household and living next to her parents. In the 1920 DeKalb Co. Al. census, Paulina i s living in the household of Chester A. Bray and Hattie L. Hicks Bray, and she is 66 years ol d and listed as an "Aunt". 
244 Per Larry Herrin:
Peter Bray was said to be a "small, redheaded Englishman." He was also a minister. 
245 Per Larry Herrin:
Samuel went by the name Samuel Jefferson Bray. 
246 Per Larry Herrin:
John and Sarah are listed on page 386 of the 1850 DeKalb Co. Al. Census. Sometime between 1850 and 1852 John and Sarah moved from DeKalb Co. Al. to Tishomingo Co. Ms. Another researcher reports finding John and Sarah in the Delta area of Ms. after the Civil War. 
247 Per Larry Herrin:
Sept. 2001, Clarice Guinn Anderson, told me that when her family still lived in Rising Fawn , GA, Sally and her family came from "Texarcana" to visit with them. 
248 Per Larry Herrin:

2 DATE 1835
2 PLAC Florida War, Company I, Snodgrass Battn. PVT

Filed a claim with the Southern Claims Commission in DeKalb Co. Al. in 1879. Status A, Clai m # 21968
The claim was approved for payment. (Reference: General Reference Branch, National Archives , Washington, D.C. 20408) 
249 Per Larry Herrin:
This particular "Squire Bray", was listed on the 1850 Census being in Pulaski County, Ky. H e also listed his birthplace as Ky., as did "Nicy". I've not been able to locate another "Sq uire Bray" the right age except this one. Therefore, I believe this to be the son of John a nd Elizabeth Herrin Bray. 
250 Per Larry Herrin:
"Uncle Toad" lived in the Sequatchie Valley. 

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